Resourcing Everyday Pastors to equip everyday people to become every day disciples

The Everyday Pastor

You want to equip your people to be every day disciples. We’re here to help.


Dave DeSelm Ministries

Resourcing Everyday Pastors to equip everyday people to become every day disciples.

After over 40 years of pastoral ministry experience, we understand the desire to see the people under your care grow to be more like Jesus. We also understand how confusing, difficult and frustrating it can be to know how to do that.

Dave DeSelm Ministries is here to help.

Through blogs, devotionals, coaching and more, we are taking the things we have learned about life and leadership, about being and making disciples, and passing them on to you.

We’d love to join you on your journey, offering help and hope as you lead in your church.

Dave DeSelm offers online resources for pastors.

Dave has led church within two paradigms: a teaching-focused megachurch paradigm and a missional discipleship paradigm. He has unique insights into how to do both of these and how to transition from one to another. I would warmly recommend Dave’s ministry for any Pastors or church leaders who want to go deeper with God and to help their church to move from simply believing in Jesus to actively pursuing being disciples of Jesus.
— Paul Maconochie, Team Leader for North America, 3DM


The Everyday Pastor Blog

Practical insights for Pastors and Leaders

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Devotionals for Every Day Disciples

Biblical inspiration for Pastors and their People

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Coaching Groups for Pastors


Get personal, practical help in your journey as pastor in a weekly online community.


Coaching Groups

You are not alone.

The challenges pastors face are unique. Seminary may train you theologically, but rarely does it prepare you for the practical, everyday realities of being a pastor. It’s easy to feel isolated, confused, or overwhelmed.  

But what if you could sit down with someone who’s been there? What if you could get coaching from someone who’s got years of experience growing and leading a church? Such wisdom and insight could be invaluable.

Dave DeSelm Ministries offers coaching groups for pastors and ministry leaders focused on the pastor as a disciple and disciple-maker. In these weekly, online small groups led by Dave, you’ll also discuss the everyday leadership issues you are facing in your context.

Dave DeSelm coaches pastors.

Dave DeSelm has experienced so much in his decades of Pastoral work. As a gifted teacher, he planted and grew a successful church, cast vision for a diverse congregation, led multiple debt-free capital campaigns, and smoothly transitioned new leadership into place. Dave’s years of collective wisdom will benefit any church leader who partners with this rich coaching opportunity!
— Clinton Faupel, Co-Founder/Executive Director of RemedyLIVE




Invite Dave DeSelm to speak at your church or event.

Dave DeSelm is available to speak at your church or event.

Partnering with you.

Dave DeSelm is a gifted and passionate teacher and preacher. He loves bringing biblical truths to everyday people in a way that they can understand and put into practice.

He also enjoys speaking about discipleship, leadership, pastoral transition, and preaching.

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